CSR Initiative

Greenlight Royal Integrated Limited (GRIL) carries out its business in a conscious and responsible manner that ensures that environmental, safety and social rights are always considered and maintained. This is achieved in our commitment to upholding strong legacy initiatives through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) drive in the society.

Our CSR commitment has seen us establish and continually develop various mechanisms and strategies in all locations and communities were we undertake projects and work and also on behalf of our clients. As a consequence of our vibrant ethical values as a responsible organization, we have established our “Community Affairs Safety, Health, Environment and Security (CASHES)” policy which is adopted during our project planning and development phase, ensuring that GRIL actively engages all levels of stakeholders in partnership with our clients to identify needed projects and amenities.

Greenlight Royal Integrated Limited has an ambitious goal. The goal of the founders is to be a world class company maintaining its authentic identity as an indigenous company. The vision is also in line with the Nigerian content policy of the Federal Government (FGN).

 Target and Objectives: 

  • To assist the local communities in improving their way of life in a sustainable manner.
  • Ensure the site works progress smoothly and compatibly with the local communities without any conflicts.
  • Acknowledge and treat the community members and their environment, with respect.
  • Add measurable value to its immediate community as well as the extended community in a bid to foster nation building objectives of the Federal government